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Genetic Cannabinoid Screening

December 27 , 2018 / Posted by acquacannabis / News / No Comments

Genetic Cannabinoid Screening

Determine Cannabinoid Ratios Early

Plant genetics can be coached to express varying concentrations of cannabinoids, but the relative ratios of the key cannabinoids, THCA and CBDA, are usually genetically determined. As an example, there are no known agricultural methods to make a CBDA-dominant strain become a THCA-dominant strain via environmental conditions. These critical chemotypes are governed by gene knock outs in their respective enzymatic synthases (CDBA Synthase and THCA Synthase).

Use Genetic Screening to Determine Plant Type

Most cannabis plants can be classified into four groups based on their cannabinoids profiles: THCA-dominant Type I plants, THCA:CBDA hybrid Type II plants, CBDA dominant Type III plants, and CBG-dominant Type IV plants. Cultivators can use genetic screening tools that detect whether the THCA synthase gene and/or the CBDA synthase gene is present in a plant. Different combinations of results on the respective tests will indicate the plant type.

Powered by youPCR™

Medicinal Genomics offers THCA synthase and CBDA synthase detection tests that run on the youPCR™ Plant Screening Platform. Plant DNA is obtained from a small hole punch in the leaf. If the DNA sample contains the target sequence, a chemical reaction will turn the pink solution yellow, indicating a positive result.

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