CBD oil is used for an array of physical ailments already with scientific proof.
There is evidence that marijuana has been used since 2,900 BC to treat pain and depression. The CBD oil lacks the psychoactive components but is able to regulate certain neurotransmitter functions.
Ample literature is available to show the positive physiologic effect for the treatment of pain, depression, autism, convulsions,insomnia, oncology( cancer related symptoms), antipsychotic effects, autism and many more.
AC will be distributing 30 ml bottles with dropper . The dose is directly dependent on the intended use.  The use for pain requires a much lower dose than the use for autism. AC will establish a personalized “helpline” to recommend the appropriate concentration for each client.
The price varies on amount purchase but the standard calculation is $23 for for every 100 mgs, or $0.22 per mg.